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Travel Trailer Insurance

Travel Trailer Insurance

Travel trailers, also called caravans, fall under the broader category of RVs. However, they have some distinctions that set them apart from motorhomes. The key difference is that you must have a tow vehicle to pull your travel trailer; it does not include a motor so that you can drive it. Adding to the complication is the fact that a travel trailer can also be used as a dwelling. Because of this, your travel trailer insurance requirements will encompass those of both an auto and a home policy. 

Insuring Your Travel Trailer as a Vehicle 

In some cases, your travel trailer might be covered under your standard auto policy as the trailer will typically be attached to your vehicle while on the road. However, this isn't always the case, so you'll need to evaluate the extent and limits of your auto insurance coverage to verify that you are protected. You may need additional travel trailer insurance coverage to achieve full protection in the event of an accident while out on the highway. 

Protecting Your Travel Trailer at Home 

When your travel trailer is parked at your home, it and its contents may or may not be covered by your homeowners insurance policy. Some policies will include it, while others may require you to add a separate rider to cover the travel trailer. You might also need completely separate coverage for it, depending on the scope of your homeowners policy. 

Insuring Your Travel Trailer While Away 

As you travel with your trailer, you'll be parking it in locations other than your own home. Even if your homeowners policy applies when your travel trailer is at home, it likely won't while you are away. For this, you'll need vacation liability coverage. This will protect you in the event that someone gets injured or their property gets damaged while your trailer is parked, not on the road. 

Get the Travel Trailer Insurance Coverage You Need 

We recognize that this may all seem a bit complicated. That is what we are here for. At PowerSports Insurance Agency, we'll work with you to evaluate your current insurance coverage in your home and auto policies so we can make suitable recommendations as to your needs for your travel trailer. We'll help develop a custom policy to meet your specific needs and fit in with your other policies. Call us today at 518-725-7000 to get the process started.